Staples Connect - Make the Most of this Academic Year with an Organized Plan for School and Activities

You’ve got a busy schedule this year! If you’ve ever tried managing classes, sports, and your personal life on a smartphone, you know just how easy it is to get distracted. Digital calendars are great for alerts, but when it comes to organizing a jam-packed schedule, nothing beats the clean space of a paper planner. No Wi-Fi? No problem. Writing plans down is an easy way to stay focused and feel less stressed throughout the school year. Use these tips to get started on the right foot and make th

Visualizing a Better World

In times of adversity, the ideal event speaker inspires you to dramatically change your life, chase your dreams with fresh, new insight, or visualize a better world. They help you navigate challenges and they do it with crisp, eloquent storytelling and a clear voice, backed by experience and sincerity. Saana Azzam helps you find that speaker. In fact, she’s known as the Chief Inspiration Officer to hundreds of companies. The daughter of a Middle East refugee, she went on to study at the Stockho

4 Nutritious Desserts Both Parents And Kids Will Love

Oh no, another Cinnabon? Not. Even. Close. Cinnaholic is the sneakiest of all healthy locales because their signage reveals no hint of why it is healthy, nor does it purport to be good for you. It shows nothing other than massive, gooey cinnamon buns and mounds of cookie dough. What are they hiding? It’s big: every single item is plant-based and one hundred percent vegan. You won’t see a single mention of it until you’re paying at the cashier. They don’t want to dissuade anyone from trying their


At Naturipe Farms, a rich heritage of innovation, passion and dedication is shared with a new generation of consumers. Whether you’re a farmer or a fresh produce customer, it is widely known that most fruits are simply not available from the same farm every month of the year. So how does your local grocery store offer fresh berries year-round and never miss a day of sales? While Northern U.S. blueberry farms may be covered in snow, blueberries are at their peak in Peru. Similar seasonal diffe

How to Maximize Your Workout With Food —

Maximize your workout with food? Nutrition Expert Larry Silvestro says yes. Fitting the right meals in before and after a workout is like assembling a puzzle. All the pieces go together and it’s quite the accomplishment! Leave something out and the whole effort is incomplete. Larry Silvestro, a NESTA-certified Nutrition Expert at Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo Laguna Beach, says adding certain foods to your workout routine can not only provide serious benefits, it can improve your overall at

Home Chef Chic: What to Wear in the Kitchen —

You’ve got the skills, but do you have the garb? In a professional kitchen, all eyes are on the food. The action is fast-paced, crowded and hot, so it’s not exactly time for a fashion show. A working kitchen requires nothing short of a uniform, a go-to outfit that allows a chef to slice, tenderize and transfer something big (and possibly bloody) from fridge to cutting board. Home chefs on the other hand … well, wait just a minute — they’re doing the exact same things! And with fewer assistants.

Alluring Alloys

The latest metals that seem to grace everything from mirrors to table lamps aren’t futuristic alloys, but rather a throwback to the past. Perhaps most associated with antiques in previous years, brass and copper, in all of their shining glory, have experienced a resurgence in home decor. Brittney Fischbeck, owner and designer at Abodwell Interior Design, says the trend was obvious at the Las Vegas Market, a major design convention held in January. “The focus was heavy on brass,” she recalls. “

Newport Lines Up Against SB 54

Newport Beach City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to oppose state Senate Bill 54, the so-called “sanctuary state” law, taking a stance similar to that of seven other Orange County cities and the county in choosing to support a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the measure. SB 54, which took affect Jan. 1, prohibits local law enforcement agencies from pursuing immigration enforcement and limits when they can transfer detainees to immigration authorities. Dana Rohrabacher, who represents Ne

Harley Rouda, Democratic Challenger to Rohrabacher, Draws Crowd

Harley Rouda, the front-runner in a slew of Democratic candidates for the 48th Congressional District, which includes Newport, certainly hopes so. The businessman-turned-first-time-political-candidate held a town hall at Bonita Creek Community Center Nov. 16. More than 80 people filled the room to hear where Rouda stands on the biggest issues and ask questions. “I am pro-business, I am pro-economy, I am pro-climate, and I am pro-progressive,” he told the audience. Rouda said that jobs are the